Where to Find a Most Impressive Collection of Viking Runestones

If one travels north of Sweden’s capital, just about 30 minutes north, they would reach the lakeside district Vallentuna. Vallentuna is very peaceful community that includes picnic areas, playgrounds and cobblestone churches. While it is a pleasant present-day site it will also allow visitors a journey into Sweden’s Viking history.

Among Vallentuna’s pastoral greenery are many runestones. These magical stones are believed to form a gateway to a one-thousand-year-old Viking civilization. One that is now believe to be one of Scandinavia’s most important historic sites.

Once known as Runriket or the Rune Kingdom, the collection of over 100 Viking age runestones are a light on Sweden’s past. The moss-covered stones, though ancient, still bare Old Norse inscription that tell us truths about Sweden’s ancestors.

While Vikings are often depicted as heartless pagan warriors who spend their idle time feasting and drinking, the runes show evidence of a devote Christian society on the brink of a more typical medieval lifestyle.



Victor Crew