Two American Travelers Face Heavy Fines Over Providing False Health Information to Canadian Officials

The government of Canada has fined to US travelers who arrived in Toronto almost $20,000 each for non-compliance with entry requirements. This was reported by the CA Public Health Agency.

The travelers provided false information related to proof of vaccination and pre-departure tests. They also did not comply with requirements related to on-arrival testing and staying at government approved accommodations according to the PHA.

Each travel racked up four fines a piece costing them $19,720.

The PHA stated that all travelers arriving in Canada are require by law to answer all with true answers. Providing false information verbally or by document upon entry (like vaccination records) is a serious offense and good result not only in heavy fines but criminal charges.

Penalties for using false information on a vaccination status may include fines up to $750,000, six months in prison, or both the Public Health Agency reported.



Victor Crew