Try an Off-season Trip to Key West Suggests Jody Victor

Try the “off season” in Key West…

The idea of visiting a destination “off season” is appealing to different people for different reasons. For many, the prospect of off season, deals with vacationing on a budget and is the best reason. For others, the avoidance of large, seasonal crowds is a relief.

Key West is a particularly seasonal and expensive place to visit. With real estate at a premium often one pays for location above quality when it comes to food and lodging. However, during the summer, off season quaint bed and breakfasts with that “at home” touch will cost you far less than a franchised hotel room and leave you much closer to the attractions of downtown Key West. The Duval Street Area is where much of Key West’s attractions lay and there are many bed and breakfasts and locally owned hotels to be found a few blocks away making walking an option. Many of these lodgings offer prices up to fifty percent off their seasonal rental costs! Some of these include the Blue Parrot Inn and the Chelsea House, both of which are located only a few minutes walk from Duval.

If you are looking for an extended vacation look into renting a home in Key West or the upper Keys—the same deals may apply to gorgeous rental homes on or near the beach. Also, you may be able to haggle prices with the owners of rental homes as often renters are. Of course another advantage here is that you can cook your own meals saving you a bundle, as eating out is simply expensive in the Keys. However, do the research and make some phone calls. There are deals to be found. For example, Alonzo’s on Front Street offers half price appetizers and drinks from 4:30pm-6:30pm everyday, which makes for an affordable dinner.

As for attractions and activities, don’t worry, all the snorkeling, scuba, and fishing charters; museums, galleries, historic homes etc. are still open during the summer months. This includes the famous Key West Sunset Festival that takes place every night, weather permitting. Deals for pay-to-play activities vary greatly and often historic sites and museums offer only standard prices. However, do the research and make some phone calls. This is the best way to find deals.

All this being said, before scheduling your discount vacation in Key West consult the Key West Chamber of Commerce—there are many summer events that may cause a rise in prices (such as Hemingway Days in July).

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