Traveling this Labor Day weekend?

The good news: Gas prices are dropping in time for Labor Day travel. If you travel by car, this should put a smile on your face but travel is expected to be up so there may be more traffic no matter where you go.

The not as good news: More people are traveling this year. Last minute flights are harder to find as the planes are full earlier. If there are more people flying and only the same number of flights as last year, it is more difficult. Some people may try to find seats and find they have to pay upcharges for whatever seats are left. If you have multiple stops, and have to pay these upcharges, it could add up to $320 or more for 2 people flying. You may try to find 2 seats together and be faced with a flight having only single middle seats down the center of each side available. Prices for flights can change day to day or even hour to hour. If you haven’t booked already, you may be out of luck.

However you travel, be patient, travel safely, and have a good time!

~ Jody Victor

Jody Victor's Crew