Trailer Park Lounge, New York

Many New York City tourists expect to see famous locations such as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, expect a bit of culture perhaps on Broadway or at a museum. Additionally many expect a little bit of the “wacky but wonderful” while visiting the Big Apple. The Trailer Park Lounge in Chelsea provides just that – along with a great greasy spoon menu and “trailer park” atmosphere.

While there are a lot of restaurants with goofy stuff on the walls, the Trailer Park Lounge takes it to another level with bathtubs full of ice and bottled beer among the varied Elvis and Dolly Parton memorabilia. The dive bar kitsch is truly camera-worthy – especially the side of a real trailer mounted to one wall!

The menu includes favorites such as the Trailer Park Lounge’s sloppy joe, Double-Wide burger and Frito and tater tot chili. And if you are still hungry after all that, you can have a Moon Pie for desert.

But how does a place like this get started? Well, legend has it (the legend written on the Lounge’s website) that two business partners, “Tom” and “Andy”, were sitting in a doughnut shop in Southern Florida trying to figure out their next when a larger-than-life Elvis impersonator approached them and gave them a mission – not quite manna from heaven, but close:

“Boys, I want you to go back up to New York and open a restaurant where cheeseburgers cook on the open grill night and day, where homemade chili and thick & melty mac n’ cheese are always available. Where ‘mile-high’ BLT’s and juicy, grilled chicken sandwiches are there for the asking. Where the tastiest, most magnificent margaritas and ‘ice cold’ cans of beer flow like water. A place with the tackiest, most fun atmosphere anywhere around, and don’t forget to have plenty of velvet paintings of me hanging on the walls. Go on fellas, go back up to New York and make me proud!”

Jody Victor


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