Jody Victor at Pelee Island on Lake Erie

With 10,000 acres of vineyards, farms, beaches, parks and forest, Pelee Island is almost any visitors dream island. Even though it is the southernmost inhabited point in Canada, over half of the 50 American states are north of Pelee, including Northern California. Pelee Island is on the same latitude as the prestigious wine regions of the world, including Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and Napa Valley, California. High winds blowing off the lake, a high number of frost-free days, and a deep soil base insure prime growing conditions for grapes.

Stretching around the perimeter of the island the main road provides an excellent route to cycle or walk. For nature enthusiasts there are over 10,000 unique species inhabiting Pelee Island. Bird watchers come every year to witness the seasonal migration of hundreds of bird species at Fish Point Nature Reserve.

There are several other points of interest such as the Vin Villa ruins – all that remains of Canada’s first commercial winery. The recently restored Pelee Lighthouse, built in 1833 to guide ships through the treacherous Pelee Passage. And the museum located at the west dock which has an exhibit on shipwrecks claimed by Lake Erie’s shallow waters during storms and naval battles, and an amazing exhibit on Al Capone and his rum runners who used Pelee Island as a stepping stone into Ohio during Prohibition.

Other activities include fishing, trails for hiking, long sandy beaches and camping. A number of Bed and Breakfasts and restaurants are also available.

Whether you get to Pelee Island by the ferry from Sandusky or by plane you are sure to find its natural beauty and many activities, make for a memorable day, weekend, or vacation.

Jody Victor's Crew