The North Pole Experience

Tired of all the anti-commercialism Christmas naysayers and general bah humbug? Head out to Flagstaff, Arizona were for a mere average of 45 dollars a person you can have a Christmas adventure so sugary sweet you may have a bellyache by the time you leave.

The Experience is decked out in rustic would architecture, old fashioned wooden toys and gift wrappings and cornucopia of Christmas trees decked out in a fantastic display of lights and ornaments. As well as a full cast of professional, dedicated actors filling out the Experience. Its enough to make one’s head spin.

The famous North Pole Experience offers a fully imagined Santa’s Workshop were you can transform yourself into an elf (using a healthy dose of imagination) as you try your hand at toy making and quality control checks. You can also get a look at the Santa’s reindeer-powered ride, the sleigh. If you still haven’t had your fill you can visit Mrs. Claus for some warm cookies.

Oh. And most importantly. You can have a visit with the big man himself. Santa.

Jody Victor

Jody Victor's Crew