The Beijing-Zhangjiakou Intercity Railway

The world’s first self-driving high-speed train is in action moving 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics participants, workers and officials between the cities hosting the games on the Beijing-Zhangjiakou intercity railway.

While it is incredible in and of itself that the train is autonomous, part of the 56 minute rid takes place inside an a marvel of modern engineering—the Badaling Great Wall Station. The station was completed in 2019 and the station is located very near the entrance to Badaling which is the most popular tourist-accessible section of the ancient wall. In a so-far successful effort to preserve the wall from damage, the rail line was constructed far underground.

The rail line is built 335 feet below the ground and it covers more than 36,000 square meters. Many are calling the 3-story structure the world’s deepest and largest underground high-speed railway station.

Of course, construction of such a complex station, underground and underneath a world renowned historical site was a very complex undertaking. The tunnel is almost 8 miles long.

China state media has stated that engineers were able to use a technology new to China that allowed them to precisely time explosive detonations in such a way as to protect the popular section of the great wall.



Victor Crew