The 3 Month Travel Planning Method Part Two

Hopefully you haven’t left on your dream vacation quite yet! This week we will discuss suggestions on things to make your life easier so you can enjoy your vacation to its fullest. Last time we discussed all the the things you can do months ahead of your vacation. These items included procuring a passport, considering communication and and acquiring deals on airfare.

This week let us take a look at what to do the weeks and days leading up to your vacation!

At two weeks it might seem obnoxiously early to start packing for your trip; however, this leaves plenty of time of those moments of realization about things you might have otherwise forgot. Starting with a well thought out list is probably the best way to begin. Afterward, start by packing all the things you won’t be needing the last two weeks before the trip. Sure you might be down a few outfits for work, but you will win the “worry-war” as you take off towards your destination. As the days count down continue to prepare and pack the things won’t be needing in your daily life. By the time the final days before the vacation roll around you’ll be much more certain you have packed everything you need. A word of caution though, don’t let this lead to over packing. Remember airlines are charging per piece of luggage checked these days.

One week before your vacation there are quite a few things to take care. No one wants to return to a crammed mailbox and a pile of newspapers. Arranging to have your mail stopped is a good idea besides avoiding coming home to a an over-stuffed mailbox, your home won’t present itself as an easy target for criminals. You can even stop your mail, it has never been easier.

It is also recommended that you notify your bank and credit card companies that you are traveling out of the country or even just out of state. Banks and credit card companies almost universally interpret sudden out of area purchases as fraudulent. Deactivated credit cards can be more than a simple annoyance when on a vacation. Take care of this ahead of time for uninterrupted access to your finances.

Though it may seem overkill, making a copy of your passport, credit cards and other important information and leaving it with a trusted friend or loved-one isn’t a bad idea. Yes, this might be worst-case-scenario thinking, but it is always good to know someone is looking out for you at home when you are overseas.

By the time you get to the night before the trip you should be able to sleep soundly knowing all arrangements have been made and precautions taken. All you should have to do is pack your toiletries and chargers for laptops, cellphones etc. You might even prepare a travel outfit for the next day to further reduce stress in the morning.

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Enjoy your vacation! Wishing you safe travels!

Jody Victor

Jody Victor's Crew