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Who Will Have a White Christmas?

Meteorologists from the Weather Channel define a White Christmas a December 25th when there is at least 1 inch of snow on the ground on. They are careful to point out the snow fall need not happen on the 25th.

For Ohio it looks nearly the whole state, excepting the very Northeastern edge, has about a 50% chance of seeing snow on Christmas day in 2016. Their historical data indicates that the northern half of the state typically has a 40-50% chance of a White Christmas, while the southern part of the state usually only sees a White Christmas about 33% of the time.

Not surprisingly, the Rocky Mountain region of the United States historically has the best chance of a White Christmas and that is no different this year. However, according to The Weather Channel’s data, many mid eastern states that whose odds typically fair better shouldn’t expect a White Christmas this year.

Regardless of weather, it is always a good idea to bundle up, pack warm clothes even if you don’t want to wear them in the car or at your destination, check the weather and give yourself plenty of extra driving time whether it is traffic or weather that may slow you down.

Wishing you safe journeys and happy holidays!