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Jody Victor: Recent Changes to Major Airlines’ Scheduled Passenger Routes

USA Today reported the following changes to various airline’s available routes. Some of these changes being rather major may affect both business and leisure travel.

Fewer flights from Emirates
Emirates Airline is reducing its schedule to the United States. The Dubai airline says call for U.S. bound has drop-offed sharply due to the recent ban on electronic devices.

Denver becomes lucky 13 for Panama’s Copa Airlines
Copa Airlines will make Denver its newest U.S. destination, announcing plans for non-stop service to its Panama City base that it calls the “Hub of the Americas.”

Spirit is latest U.S. airline to quit Cuba
Spirit Airlines is just one in a recent string of airlines to “bail out” on scheduled passenger service to Cuba. The service will be thinned out until it is finally cut entirely on May 31st.

JetBlue adds a fourth route to Haiti
JetBlue plans to add non-stop service from its Orlando focus city to Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince. The service would begin in December, pending regulatory approval.

More American Airlines regional flights in Charlotte
American is bolstering its American Eagle regional network in Charlotte with new routes to small and midsize markets that will begin this summer.

Additional details available at USA Today.

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New Titleholder for Longest Flight

Ben Murtzabaugh reported in USA Today that Qatar Airways has earned itself the title for the world’s longest, regularly scheduled flight. On Sunday the airline rolled out the 9,032-mile route which takes passengers from its Doha hub to Auckland, New Zealand. While the outgoing flight from Doha is 50 minutes shy of the 17 hour mark, strong headwinds on the return make the flight a grueling 17 hours and 30 minutes.

Qatar Airway’s new service captures the title by a mere 10 minutes—not much longer than competitor, the Middle Eastern Emirates, whose 8,819-mile route from Dubai to Auckland is 17 hours, 20 minutes on the return and 16 hours, 5 minutes on the outbound flight.

Qatar Airways can now claim the world’s longest flight both by time and by distance, according to air travel intelligence company OAG. However, this title comes with a footnote.

Air India was also a contender after having shifted the route of its Delhi-San Francisco flight last fall. The route was shifted to take advantage of fuel-saving tailwinds and is an impressive 9,400 miles. However, without the voluntary longer route change, the distance of the flight would be only 7.700 miles, which wouldn’t even place it in the top 25 longest flights.