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Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

So you want to go to the World Series!

So Jody wanted to see what it would cost to go to the World Series this year. The Boston Red Sox are playing the St. Louis Cardinals.

Tickets to Game 2 at Boston run between $346.50 and $585 at primesport.com. We could buy our tickets to the game here and then try for accommodations or we can try to find package deals.

Let’s look at some package deals available. With Game 1 starting tonight, we can look at Game 2 for tomorrow. Greatatlanticsports.com offeres a package starting at $1,295. This will get you 2 nights standard hotel accommodations, 2 reserved upper level foul pole/down the line tickets, and services of tour staff, all taxes and gratuities included to Game 2.

Next is actual travel. From the Canton, Ohio area, to drive would take about 10 hours to drive about 660 miles. Then there are tolls, gas etc.

Round trip flights on Delta from Akron/Canton airport to Logan airport are start at $741.50 leaving today with a layover in Detroit, and returning Friday. Let’s give us some time and leave at 1:35p to arrive at 7:19p with a stopover. That will be $1212.50.

So we are up to just over $2500. When we get there we can decide to use public transportation, see if there are hotel shuttles available or rent a car.