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Posted by Victor Crew on

The Biscoff Cookie is Back on United Airlines!

If you’d been panicking about the lack of the beloved Biscoff cookie in United Airline’s comp. food service, panic not for it shall return, according to a spokesperson for the airline.  They said the switch to Oreo Thins was temporary, they will continue to rotate treats and that the Biscoff will be back this May.

If you recall when the Biscoff cookie went away the internet freaked right out that their favorite free treat may never again be available on a UA flight. Is this proof that complaining online will change a company’s mind? We aren’t here to make that claim but many will be happy about the shortbread cookies triumphant return to in-flight food service carts.

For many the free in-flight snack is an essential part of their travel experience. For many a cookie and a soda can have a calming effect on us, as we know that sugar and fat excite the feel good chemicals in our brains. So after planning the trip, packing, getting to the airport, getting through security and finally being seated something as simple as a favorite cookie can have a strong mental effect on a traveler.


Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

United Airlines to Take Title of “Longest Flight”

While United Airlines already had the title of “longest non-stop” of any U.S. airline, the airline is staged to take the title of longest route of any carrier flying to or from the United States.

This is supposed to happen in fall when United plans to launch an 8,700-mile route connecting Los Angeles and Singapore. The service, which still must pass regulators’ muster, would jump past Qantas’ 8,576-mile Dallas/Fort-Worth-Sydney non-stop and United’s own 8,446-mile San Francisco-Singapore route to become the longest distance flight of any airline flying to or from the USA. In addition it would become the longest non-stop flight ever flown by an U.S. airline.

It also will become a contender for the world’s longest flight when measured by flying time. United’s projected time for the Singapore-bound portion of the journey: a whopping 17 hours, 55 minutes. This would top Qatar Airways’ stated flying time of 17 hours, 40 minutes for its 9,032-mile flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Doha, Qatar.

A final feather in United’s hat is that it would be the world’s longest regularly scheduled flight on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.