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Forbes gives us some travel app suggestions

Forbes.com has some suggested apps for when you travel.
Google Maps – use the gps function without data plan to see where you are and what is close to you.
WhatsApp Messenger – you can send photos, voice recordings to anyone in your contact list.
World Clock – standard on iPhone to know what time it is. Android users can use Perfect World Clock.
Xe – currency converter app. Great for international travel
Tipping Bird – helps you know what the tipping standards in other countries. (Android only)
Flashlight – in case the lights go out.
WorldMate – sync hotel bookings and business meetings (through Outlook)
Yelp – find a restaurant.
Check – schedule bills and payments.
iCampsites – shows campsites in the UK and Europe.
SpanishDict – for when traveling to Spanish countries. Get word of the day, translator.

~ Jody Victor