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Posted by Victor Crew on

Holiday Travel Tips for the Pandemic

This year holiday season travel is going to be very different. Some will stay home instead of visiting far flung relatives. But for those choosing to travel here are some tips.

Expect the unexpected. While this is probably good advice for travel in general it is more important than ever to be ready for changes in your plans. Pandemic updates come daily. Expect shifting quarantine rules. Expect canceled or delayed flights.

Choose an airline who have flexible booking policies. Many airlines have adjusted their policies to allow no-fee ticket changes, but double check! Free changes could be limited in number. Certain types of tickets may not have special privileges. You may also owe the difference if you change to a more expensive flight. Again, check before booking!

Also, “free change” doesn’t mean you’ll get a refund if you cancel. Some airlines are offering vouchers for canceled flights but many are not going to simply hand you back your cash.

Don’t choose a high-risk itinerary. While normal holiday travel is rife with delayed and canceled flights, this year could be much worse. Try to leave earlier in the day before delays get a chance to build up. Try to get longer connection times between flights. Choose small airports for connections and if you can those with a lesser chance of crazy weather.

Choose itineraries with longer connection times.

Select smaller (and less crowded) connection airports and, if possible, those with less risk of severe winter weather.

Know the quarantine rules for your destination. If you need to get tested before you leave, make sure to get that done in plenty of time.

Lastly, if you want to fly trouble-free it is highly suggested you follow all safety protocols required by airlines including wearing a mask.


Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

The 3 Month Travel Planning Method Part One

Many of us pine for months over much needed vacations. Waiting to savor that freedom from stress and responsibility makes finally getting to those precious few moments of relaxing all the more sweeter. Although no vacation is perfect, I am sure we have all had at least one stinker where nothing seemed to go right.

Though taking your time has he benefits of possibly saving you money, making sure you have taken care of all details far in advance will ensure a much less stressful period the week or so before you scheduled departure date.

For those headed out of our country, acquiring or renewing one’s passport is of concern. This process can take a month or longer even if you are willing to pay the “rush” fee. Getting your passport sorted out early will ensure a significant decrease in nail-biting the last few weeks before your vacation. Some countries even require several months of remaining validity on a passport. This task is something best handled 3 months or more before departure.

The 3 month point is also the best time o start looking for deals on airfare, ground transportation and lodging.

At the one month point working out the details on how you will handle communication, especially out of the country, should be one’s concern. Check with you service provider on what kinds of fees to expect if you want to use your current cellphone out of the country. If this option seems too expensive, researching the use of inexpensive prepaid phones that can be purchased after arrival in your over-seas destination is another option.

Catch up with us next time for part two!

Read more about it here.

~ Jody Victor

Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

Are you getting ripped off when you travel?

Jody‘s crew found a couple articles dealing with ways you can be ripped off while traveling.

FoxNews.com has an article about the 10 biggest travel ripoffs and ways people are getting fleeced anywhere:

  1. Excess baggage charges
  2. Trip insurance
  3. Shady taxi drivers
  4. Eating like a tourist
  5. Manhattan hotels
  6. Airport airline clubs
  7. Uniformed “guides” at airports
  8. Changing money on the black market
  9. “Minimum” fees as restaurants or clubs
  10. Insanely high booze taxes

You can read the full article for more information.

In another article on CNN.com, their article lists travel fees and how to avoid them (some may be similar to the FoxNews.com article):

  1. Baggage fees
  2. Ticket exchange fee
  3. Resort fee
  4. Car rental airport fee
  5. Phone or in-person booking fee
  6. Seat selection and priority boarding
  7. Single supplement
  8. In-flight amenity fees
  9. Wi-fi
  10. One-way penalty and airport surcharge on car rentals
  11. Award ticket fees

You can read the tips to avoid the fees in the article.

Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

Hey Jody, we found a better travel pillow!

Jody‘s crew found a new travel pillow developed by a doctor for a more comfortable nap while traveling. You actually mold the top part to your head and the bottom part to your shoulder. It folds flat and has a smaller profile than most travel pillows on the market. It has an optional strap to help hold it in place.

Since it was developed by a doctor bothered by the many uncomfortable travel pillows on the market, he set about developing one that would work. He put his idea on kickstarter.com to see if he could get the funding he needed in exceeded his needs in just one short month. Hopefully we will find this on the market soon!