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Airline Industry Seeks to Repeal Full-Fare Advertising Rule

In the past, before a 2011 full-fare advertising rule, airlines were only required to display the base price of ticket excluding mandatory taxes and fees. Congress has now introduced the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 which could repeal this rule. It’s a large bill that includes everything from consumer laws such as this to funding the FAA and revisiting aviation rules.

Those in favor of repealing the 2011 full-fare advertising rule claims it will “enhance” passenger experiences. Others such frequent fliers, consumer advocates and other experts all agree this is clearly an unfair practice. Formally known as the Transparent Airfares Act, this will be the third go in the last five years the airline industry and their lobby have tried to get rid of the act.

The newly introduced law “is to ensure that consumers know how much they are paying is for the fare itself, and how much they are paying in taxes to the government,” says spokesperson for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Justin Harclerode,
It is important to note, however, the current law doesn’t disallow airlines from breaking down the taxes and fees so customers know how much of their money is going to whom.