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New Luggage Size Regulations on the Horizon?

A recommendation by the International Air Transport Association might be the death knell for the worldwide symbol of business travel: the roller bag.

The International Air Transport Association has put out a recommendation that cabin bags be 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches to create more space for passengers to store luggage. This would mean passengers on American or Delta Air Lines would need bags roughly 20% smaller. Southwest passengers would lose about 40% in bag space.

At a time when airlines are making record profits, due to cheap gas and more efficient use of planes, it is no surprise that this proposal – which would essentially force passengers to pay to check their current luggage or buy new luggage – is drawing a lot of criticism.

Although no North American airlines have yet adopted the policy, many overseas airlines have and this precedent makes it easier for the other airlines to follow suit. However, on the whole, North American airlines make significantly higher profits per passenger than overseas companies—some of whom make as little as one dollar per passenger.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer has become a voice for the average traveler by holding a press conference this past Sunday urging airlines not to adopt this new policy as it will add additional cost to middle-class families trying to take vacations and cause many business travelers to have to purchase new luggage. He too noted that airlines are making record profits while already charging for many little extras like checking baggage, leg room, head phones, pillows and snacks.

Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

Packing Smarter – Some Tips to Maximize Your Luggage

Jody Victor knows that for many, packing is their least favorite part of planning a vacation. That, and lugging an overstuffed suitcase behind that falls over, whose wheels don’t work properly only to arrive to the check in to find out their luggage is overweight and they have to pay a fee. On the other hand most vacations require a variety of clothes, from comfy, casual and even formal wear depending on the destination. Not to mention shoes and toiletries. Here is some information to help you with your travel packing.

Many vacations involve special sporting items like fishing rods and tackle, large camping gear, snorkeling and scuba gear and golf bags, to name a few, are going to be a hassle to get on a plane. These kinds of items are best shipped to your destination or even rented. Additionally if you feel your luggage is going to rack up extensive baggage fees, shipping the luggage to the hotel might be a better and easier option. Although not very elegant, if the vacation allows one could pack their clothes in bags less heavy bags than airplane worthy luggage and let a sturdy shipping box be the luggage.

An easy trick you can try is rolling rather than folding some of your clothing items. Undergarments, t-shirts and pants can all be carefully rolled to save space. Using airless bags or clothes compressors can also aid in maximizing space.

Packing less is the most straightforward way of saving weight and space. Though many of us normally wash an outfit after a single wearing, many items can be worn several times without washing. We aren’t exactly suggesting people wear dirty clothes, but that pair of jeans the button up worn over an undershirt can likely be warn again if you weren’t particularly active that day. An alternative would be making time to take advantage of either the hotel’s self-service laundry or a local laundromat. If you budget allows, check with the hotel about laundry services.

Another tip some will find less than ideal is to minimize personal care products. Even a hefty collection of travel sized items can take up a ton of space. Most hotels don’t have top of the line shampoo, conditioner and soap. But it’s probably not going to ruin your hair and skin to use their products.

Try a few of these ideas the next time the fight between your suitcase and wardrobe has you stressed out the week before you leave on vacation.