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Interesting Facts About a Famous In-Flight Snack: The Biscoff Cookie

Here is some information from the Jody Victor crew about those cookies you eat on your flight:

— The Biscoff cookie come from Belgium where they are known as Speculoos traditionally given to children for Sinterklass (St. Nicholas Day).
— In the contemporary United States they are typically associated with Delta Airlines, which brought the cookie on board some 30 years ago in 1986.
— Delta staff have been known to fashion birthday crowns out of the cookies for passengers.
— Biscoff popularity has flown to other other airlines such as: WestJet; Alaska Airlines; American Airlines and Sunwing.
— Biscoff may have reached immortal status when it became an emoji in an Apple sticker pack.
— Biscoff cookies are vegan friendly.
— There are cookbooks dedicated to recipes using Biscoff as a primary ingredient.