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Outer Space Vacation Company SpaceX Delays Around the Moon Trip

Two tourists who were scheduled to travel around the moon and back via a SpaceX rocket will have to wait until 2019 (at least). James Gleeson, SpaceX spokesperson, confirmed the delays in the trip that was first announced last year. No date was given for when the trip might happen.

According to Gleeson, SpaceX is still planning on flying private citizens around the moon. The company, owned by Elon Musk, hasn’t offered very specific reasoning behind the delay beyond technical and production challenges.
SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket only launched in February and it was delayed several times of the past few years.
Musk announced the mission in August 2017 and it will be the first manned moon mission since the last Apollo mission in 1972—46 years ago.

If and when the mission does launch, it will be in the SpaceX Dragon V2 space vehicle—this vehicle hasn’t yet gone through thorough testing, however. The mission won’t land on the moon, but would come very close as it circles around it.

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Elon Musk: Making Life on Mars a Reality

While vacationing on another planet might sound like science fiction; life on Mars could go from science fiction to reality within your lifetime.

Musk, the SpaceX billionaire made the claim, at the SXSW festival, that test flights for a Mars rocket could begin as early as next year.

Musk has made headlines by launching one of his cars into space with Falcon Heavy type SpaceX shuttle. The roadster is drifting through space playing “Space Oddity” by beloved glam-rocker David Bowie.

According to CNBC, Musk plans on sending a full-fledged cargo mission to Mars by 2022.

The BFR rocket is expected to not only be capable of interplanetary travel, but also be reusable for multiple trips. Musk estimated a flight would cost between $5 and $6 billion.

Source: ABC News