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File Under “Unusual” – Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant (and Snake) Farm (and Spa!)

Unusual. Uncanny. Unnerving. These are just a few words one might use to describe what might be the most skin-crawling spa on Earth. Literally.

Located in Haifa, Israel, Ada Barak’s spa has some of the strangest treatments one might come across. Barak believes that her non-venomous snakes, which come in a variety of sizes and colors, have therapeutic value when allowed to slither around on people.

Barak or a special trained snake masseuse watches over and guides the creatures as the write along patients’ backs, legs, arms, stomachs, hair and even their faces!

Supposedly the slithering and writhing relieve muscle tension and promote circulation. California and Florida King Snakes, Corn snakes and Milk snakes are used on the body for their size and power – the stronger the snake, the more pressure they can apply. Smaller snakes are used on the face, providing a unique spa experience – especially for snake lovers.

Only the brave have “snake massage” on their bucket list. And only the truly brave have it checked off.

Jody Victor

Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

Historic French Lick Springs Hotel

Original built to house guests interested in the near-by Pluto Mineral Springs, known for its medicinal waters, the historic French Lick Springs Hotel has bring drawing visitors since it was established in 1845.

The recently renovated hotel maintains its classic beauty while offering modern and high-tech amenities. The hotel also has a beautifully appointed casino offering Las Vegas-style games of chance. Also on the grounds is the championship level 18-hole Donald Ross Golf course, also restored it its original design. However, many guests are still attracted by the luxurious Spa at French Lick—a 27,000 square foot world-class spa featuring two dozen treatment rooms and a diverse menu of restorative and relaxing treatments.

Destination-wide recreation has been reinstated as a primary focus, completely restoring such classics to their original intrigue, including indoor and outdoor resort pools, a six-lane bowling alley, extensive fitness center, horseback riding, and over 30 miles of hiking trails. The rich history surrounding the resort has provided guests with an unmistakable optimism for health, good fortune, and the opportunity to satisfy any given whim, making it the ultimate vacation destination.

The French Lick is a perfect, all-in-one family destination that wraps modern fun and relaxation in the charm of centuries past.

Jody Victor