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Jody Victor: New ALICE App Compiles Most Common Hotel Guest Complaints

ALICE is a new hospitality industry app that helps hotels, luxury residential locations, co-working spaces, vacation rentals and concierge services tweak their performance and maintenance efficiency via the data collected from guests.

It recently made findings available of the top ten most prevalent requests and complaints from guests at hotels running the ALICE app.
Basically, ALICE will see that there are many “tickets” (requests from guests) that something needs adjusted with their experience. This could be anything from a room needing cleaned, to a missing amenity, or gym equipment that is broken. These tickets eventually become a work order to fix the problem.

ALICE took the tickets marked as “guest complaints” and compiled them together, highlighting the 10 most common occurrences in its app:

—24% of guests feel too hot or too cold in their rooms
—14% of guests are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi or feel that it is too slow
—11% of guests feel that there is too much noise heard from the room
—10% of guests feel that in their rooms are not clean enough
—9% of guests experience slow or unsatisfactory service
—6% of guests experience problems with charges, payment and booking expectations
—6% of guests feel that their room is too small
—5% of guests feel that there was a security lapse in their room
—3% of guests encounter maintenance issues in their room (radiator breakdowns, air conditioner leaks, TV spoilt)
—3% of guests encounter maintenance issues in their bathroom (sink clogged, pipes are dripping)

What are your most common hotel-stay complaints? Do they match the ALICE data?