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Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

Here are a few tips for flying.

Jody‘s crew, out and about, has some first-hand tips for flying.

  1. If you wear heavy jewelry, put it in the bin at the security check point.
  2. Try to have the items you need to put in the bins ready at the top of your bag.
  3. Make sure you have more than 7 minutes between landing time and the connecting flight’s boarding time.
  4. Never refuse the snack. If you aren’t hungry, put them in your bag. You might need them if the connecting flight is too turbulent and they don’t come around.
  5. Don’t expect taxi fares from the airport to be based on mileage. You may have to pay a flat rate. (cha-ching!)
  6. Try not to get the seat next to lavatory. People don’t always close the door when they are done.
  7. Use as small a bag as you can. Some of the airlines have a metal corral that you can try to fit your bag in to check for size, but they seem to be shrinking.