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Some Thoughts on Traveling on a Budget

For many people money is most certainly the biggest factor when deciding on a destination or whether to travel at all. The first most important item to consider is one’s mindset. It is probably unrealistic for some of us to expect to fly first class or stay in five star hotels and resorts—if one gets it in their head that the only way to have a good vacation is by spending the most amount of money possible on everything any other vacation will surely fall short of expectation.

On the other hand, one can forgo luxury in their daily lives to save money for a more luxurious vacation. For example, many people spend as much as five dollars a day on a single convenience item—coffees from high end cafés. If there are approximately 22 business days in a month, multiple that times 5. That is a 110 dollars a month; multiple that by 12 months. That is 1,320 dollars a year. Of course some of this money would still go to coffee if making it at home before leaving for work, but those savings already have you on your way towards a dream vacation.

One might dedicated one’s self to purchasing no convenience items for six months, calculate the approximate cost of their convenience expenditure per pay period and put that money in a savings account. Luxuries like eating dinner or lunch out could similarly be cut and the money saved. A disciplined dreamer could have the money for their luxury vacation in no time.

Many of these principles could be applied while on vacation as well. Purchasing easy breakfast items from a local grocery while on vacation could save you a bundle of money. One might consider planning their days around lunch as well. Many hotels have mini refrigerators in the rooms, eating in for breakfast and lunch might be a good option as well. While experiencing local cuisine is certainly a big part of travel, some cost-effective morning and midday meals will allow you to afford the fancy dinners you really want.

Also consider that too much rich food could ruin a day or two of a vacation as easily as sunburn!

Keep thinking, every time one turns around they can find a way to save money while on vacation. If you are driving to your destination, buying a case of bottled water instead of purchasing expensive gas station beverages could save you money. Likewise, purchasing water from a local grocery and keeping them in your hotel room could save you dollars. Grab a few waters on your way out of the room every morning.

Using these examples one should easily be able to come up with many more money-saving tips on their own. Vacation smarter, stay longer, have more fun!

Jody Victor