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Sandcastle Hotels Open in Netherlands: Zandhotel

What seems more like a child’s play fantasy has become a reality. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it is like to live in a sandcastle, now you can, in the Netherlands at least.

Zandhotel has opened two locations that include fully furnished one-room suites were created inside sand sculptures built for sand festivals in Sneek, Friesland and Oss, Brabant. The rooms – whose outward appearances range from recreation of the Flintstones’ home town of Bedrock to the Great Wall of China – include windows, electricity, running water and Wi-Fi (don’t worry, the shower and bed are made out of traditional materials).

It took event organizers Global PowWow four weeks to construct the sculptures, which were inspired by the ice hotels in Sweden and Finland. The hotel’s basic structure is made of thin walls, covered inside and out with reinforced sand to ensure it doesn’t crumble.

Overnight stays cost about 170 U.S. Dollars, which includes a personalized guided tour of the nearby festival. Like all sandcastles, sadly, the hotels are only temporary and have already sold out. They’ll close once the festivals end (September 28 in Sneek and October 4 in Oss).