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Posted by Victor Crew on

A New Kind of Quick-y-Mart

A new supermarket in Dubai may not immediately sound like interesting international travel news, however, this supermarket can only be reached by means of water transportation. Caffefour Bites and More by the Shore is the first so-called sail-thru market in the world.

While small craft, like a jet ski, can sail right up to this market (which is basically a 7/11 anchored out in the middle of the ocean) and pay for and receive goods at a the “sail-thru” window. Larger craft can call in orders or use a smartphone app. Deliveries take about 45 minutes on average.
Much like a traditional corner market this one has just what you expect: snacks, drinks, personal care products, over-the counter medication. They have about 300 products currently for sale.

The new market even offers delivery service via their own vessels to land-locked beach-goers at local beaches.

This new endeavor is the brain-child of Majid Al Futtaim the well-known leisure and retail operation in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.