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Jody and Kathy Victor in Russia

From Russia, with much love!

In our wildest dreams we never thought we would travel to Russia, but it was an incredible trip! Of course, we flew over in first class and were treated royally. When we arrived in Moscow we were greeted prior to immigration by an airport official (who just happened to be a business associate). She whisked us through immigration and customs and took us to an executive lounge to wait for our bags to be unloaded and go through the proper channels.

When our bags arrived we were taken from the airport in a super-stretch Hummer2 limo. We certainly never expected that in Russia! We stayed in the Radisson Moscow, a five star hotel, with all the comforts of home. Our suite had everything in it that we could possibly want. And, of course, we had packed one suitcase full of XS since that product is not yet available in Russia.

Our first night there we attended a celebration banquet with dinner and dancing – that was great fun! The next night we spoke to a crowd of about 5,000 people and were introduced with pyrotechnics going off, a completely fogged stage, huge confetti shot off from somewhere on the stage, and a huge balloon crown in front of the stage with hundreds of balloons rising up from its’ center to the ceiling. It was the most extravagant introduction that we’ve ever had!

Towards our last day there we went for a tour of Moscow including the Kremlin and the Kremlin grounds. Moscow is a very large, modern cosmopolitan city – quite an interesting place. All in all a great trip – if you ever get the chance to see Russia – go for it!