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Jody Victor®: Let’s visit some more places in Portland

Jody Victor wants you to know more about Portland.

Some of the must-see places are Powell’s City of Books. (It isn’t really a whole city but it is a block!) There are many rooms and they are coded by color. You can easily spend many hours there as they boast over one million books! You will find books of every category and some are used and some are new. They have a few smaller shops in different areas including PDX airport.

Another place to visit in the city is the Chinese Gardens. Within the garden, you are transported to China. Together with Chinese city Suzhou, Portland has created a beautiful oasis. You can see some beautiful Chinese art in the small buildings. If you are there on the right day, you may even watch a calligraphy ply his trade.

Another must-do is “The Pearl“. It is more of a district within the city where you will find all sorts of shops, galleries, food trucks, and parks. You may even come across a Portland Loo (’nuff said). During Labor Day weekend they have a craft show called Art in the Pearl where you just may find a beautiful raincoat made from the bags your newspaper is delivered in.

Jody wouldn’t mind spending more time in the Rose City of Portland, OR.

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Jody Victor® has more suggestions for your visit to Portland, OR

Last time, Jody suggested some places around Portland, OR. This time we will look at some of the neat and quirky places you will find in Portland to get food.

Voodoo Doughnuts! You can find almost anything on a Voodoo doughnut such as bacon, Cap’n Crunch Cereal, and Oreo cookies. The doughnuts are hand-made. You can expect to wait in line at any given time. You can even have a wedding there – they supply the minister, coffee, and doughnuts. They also do parties. The atmosphere is almost like a party when you actually get in to choose your doughnut. Well worth the wait!
Jody Victor: try a Voodoo Donut Jody Victor: here is a maple bacon Voodoo donut

Another place Jody can suggest to try if you like burritos is Laughing Planet Cafe. Their menu items are made from locally sustainable ingredients when they can get them. This little cafe started in Indiana in 1995 and the owner moved to Portland in 2000 and opened his first cafe in Portland. There are now 7 in Portland and 3 others in other cities in OR.

Whether you like classic burgers or something “different”, Dick’s Kitchen is another place to get good food. Certain weeks of the year, they have special “guest burgers” which feature items like lamb, elk, dork, and wild boar. Whoa, back up. What’s a dork burger? It’s a mixture of duck and pork. There are even some vegetarian selections.

Want pizza? Jody suggests you try Apizza Scholls. They open at 5:00 and close when they run out of dough. They make the dough a day before to let it ferment. If they have dough left over, they make it into croutons for their salad. If you don’t get in line in time, you may have a long wait. Once you get to sit down and look at the menu you find some house selections and you can build your own pie. If you build your own, you must follow the rules: No more than 2 meats and no more than three ingredients total. It is very good pizza.

Thanks for the suggestions, Jody!

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If you ever get to the Portland, OR area, Jody Victor recommends…

…Going at the end of the summer sometime in September. The weather is still temperate and rainy season hasn’t started yet.

There are so many things you can do while in the Portland, OR area. If you like to hike, you can go to the Multnomah Falls. It has a spectacular breath-taking view. Jody recommends you take along your camera because you will want to capture this view and remember it always.

If you like the beach, you can visit Cannon Beach. Haystack rock is called that because, well, it looks like a haystack. Just like any beach community, there is plenty of shopping in the area. Not too far south from Cannon Beach is the city of Tillamook, known for its awesome cheese. You may even be able to find it in your local grocery.

Other sites within the city limits to not miss are the International Rose Test Garden. The roses are gorgeous. You can take a group tour or ask for a tour guide brochure to walk you through and learn some of the history behind the various parts of the gardens.
Jody Victor: International Rose Test Garden Jody Victor: International Rose Test Garden

The Oregon Zoo in Portland is a nice clean little zoo you can see in a day.

These are just a few of the sites you can see in and around Portland. Next time, Jody Victor will explore the shopping musts in Portland.