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You CAN travel based on your personality type!

Jody Victor’s crew found that there are trips you go on based on your personality. But don’t we do that already? If you’re not a beach person, you might not want to go Hawaii. If you’re not adventuresome, why would you go on a safari?

Let’s see what the article from Huffington Post says about the first 8 types:

The Classic Traveler:
This type likes organization and consistency. Traveling to a new place requires a plan. Maybe a guided tour of win country in Tuscan, Italy.

The Harmonious Traveler:
This traveler likes peace and harmony. It is suggested to retreat to Kasbah du Toubkal Ecolodge in Marrakech, Morocco. It is eco-friendly as well.

The Altruistic Traveler:
This traveling type is creative and nurturing. Helping others gives satisfaction. This traveler may make their time off a service trip. They suggest you check out National Geographic for top volunteer vacations. (This writer also suggest checking out local churches for mission trips, such as helping to rebuild homes in Haiti, New Orleans, or other places hit by disasters. Or even spend time with Habitat for Humanity.)

The Posh Traveler:
This traveler is logical and analytical. They have intellectual discussions and have high standards. London is a good destination as there is a lot of history, art, museums, campuses and rich literary history.

The Wild Traveler:
This type is independent and adapts easily. They love outdoors and seek thrills. Places might be backpacking in New Zealand where they can also bungee jump, canyon, and skydive.

The Chill Traveler:
A Chill Traveler is low key, cheerful and often are artistically talented. A laid back island vacation may be perfect – relaxing, snorkeling, sailing, volleyball. Check out Old San Juan.

The Offbeat Traveler:
Offbeat travelers are found to be artistic and idealistic. This type might like to go to India.

The Scholarly Traveler:
This traveler is a thinker, loves logic, innovation, philosophy, and art. A trip to Florence, Italy to visit the Duomo.

Next time, we will look at the other 8 types and their best vacation fit.