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The 3 Month Travel Planning Method Part One

Many of us pine for months over much needed vacations. Waiting to savor that freedom from stress and responsibility makes finally getting to those precious few moments of relaxing all the more sweeter. Although no vacation is perfect, I am sure we have all had at least one stinker where nothing seemed to go right.

Though taking your time has he benefits of possibly saving you money, making sure you have taken care of all details far in advance will ensure a much less stressful period the week or so before you scheduled departure date.

For those headed out of our country, acquiring or renewing one’s passport is of concern. This process can take a month or longer even if you are willing to pay the “rush” fee. Getting your passport sorted out early will ensure a significant decrease in nail-biting the last few weeks before your vacation. Some countries even require several months of remaining validity on a passport. This task is something best handled 3 months or more before departure.

The 3 month point is also the best time o start looking for deals on airfare, ground transportation and lodging.

At the one month point working out the details on how you will handle communication, especially out of the country, should be one’s concern. Check with you service provider on what kinds of fees to expect if you want to use your current cellphone out of the country. If this option seems too expensive, researching the use of inexpensive prepaid phones that can be purchased after arrival in your over-seas destination is another option.

Catch up with us next time for part two!

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~ Jody Victor