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New York City vs. Ride Hailing

New York City moved to manage the unstable development of Uber and other application based ride administrations with a transitory top on new licenses for ride-hailing administrations.

The City Council endorsed a bundle of bills that incorporated a one-year ban on new licenses for-enlist vehicles while the city contemplates the quickly evolving industry. The enactment additionally will enable the city to set a lowest pay permitted by law for application based drivers.

Supporters of the recommendations said both the customary yellow taxi industry and drivers for application based administrations are enduring as Uber autos surge the city’s lanes. They said the development of ride-hailing applications has likewise compounded activity clog.

A comparable top on Uber and other auto administrations was proposed in 2015 yet did not draw in enough help to pass. City authorities said that in the mediating years the quantity of for-employ vehicles in the city has flooded from 63,000 to more than 100,000, compelling drivers to seek rare passages and making it troublesome for any of them to procure a living pay.

In the meantime, the estimation of the emblems that are required to work a yellow taxi has dove from more than $1 million to $200,000 or less, compelling numerous emblem proprietors into chapter 11. Obligation and budgetary hardship have been reprimanded for the passings of six taxi and auto benefit drivers in the most recent year.

Adversaries of the enactment said Uber and Lyft give truly necessary administration to zones outside of Manhattan that aren’t served by conventional taxicabs. They additionally said dark and Hispanic New Yorkers require ride-hailing applications since yellow taxi drivers frequently won’t stop for them.

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Three Historic Cities in America You and Your Family Should Visit

While there are many styles of vacations you can take your family on, many still favor the tried and true family road trip to destinations important to the history and culture of our country.

Boston, Massachusetts

While many coastal cities, east and west, are significant to the birth and growth of America, Boston stands out as particularly significant to the early struggles of our great nation. Beacon Hill in Boston was home to the descendants of early English colonialists whose elegant, gas-lit streets are well worth wandering through. And of course no trip to Boston would be complete without a visit to the famous Boston Harbor which includes a fantastic interactive museum and two replica 18th century vessels. Boston is also home to America’s first college, Harvard, which was established in 1636, student lead walking tours are available.

New York City, New York

While the Big Apple has so much to offer one couldn’t possibly see it all in one trip, the historically minded will want to visit some particular locations: Ellis Island, landing spot of some 12 million immigrants is as fascinating as any place you might visit in the city and features a stunning museum; the Brooklyn Bridge is a must see landmark—it took 600 some workers 14 years to construct one of the world’s first steel wire suspension bridges which was the longest of its kind at completion in 1883; architectural buffs won’t want to miss Brooklyn Heights, one of the first areas of the city to be deemed a historic district.

San Antonio, Texas

While the Alamo is certainly a main point of interest, the entire city is a treasure trove of Spanish colonialism. The Alamo itself is one of only five missions that have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site (i.e., don’t miss!). The new River Walk Mission Reach Trail will allow you to explore the grounds and buildings in which priests and Native Americans worked and lived together.

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Trailer Park Lounge, New York

Many New York City tourists expect to see famous locations such as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, expect a bit of culture perhaps on Broadway or at a museum. Additionally many expect a little bit of the “wacky but wonderful” while visiting the Big Apple. The Trailer Park Lounge in Chelsea provides just that – along with a great greasy spoon menu and “trailer park” atmosphere.

While there are a lot of restaurants with goofy stuff on the walls, the Trailer Park Lounge takes it to another level with bathtubs full of ice and bottled beer among the varied Elvis and Dolly Parton memorabilia. The dive bar kitsch is truly camera-worthy – especially the side of a real trailer mounted to one wall!

The menu includes favorites such as the Trailer Park Lounge’s sloppy joe, Double-Wide burger and Frito and tater tot chili. And if you are still hungry after all that, you can have a Moon Pie for desert.

But how does a place like this get started? Well, legend has it (the legend written on the Lounge’s website) that two business partners, “Tom” and “Andy”, were sitting in a doughnut shop in Southern Florida trying to figure out their next when a larger-than-life Elvis impersonator approached them and gave them a mission – not quite manna from heaven, but close:

“Boys, I want you to go back up to New York and open a restaurant where cheeseburgers cook on the open grill night and day, where homemade chili and thick & melty mac n’ cheese are always available. Where ‘mile-high’ BLT’s and juicy, grilled chicken sandwiches are there for the asking. Where the tastiest, most magnificent margaritas and ‘ice cold’ cans of beer flow like water. A place with the tackiest, most fun atmosphere anywhere around, and don’t forget to have plenty of velvet paintings of me hanging on the walls. Go on fellas, go back up to New York and make me proud!”

Jody Victor

Source: www.trailerparklounge.com/