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Tiny Village in Italy Offers to Pay Young Italians to Move There

While the story might sound familiar at first, as it has been happening more and more, an Italian village offers up abandoned homes for pennies on the dollar with the caveat the new owners quickly renovate the house.

Some are going to even greater extremes. Candela in Puglia, for example, began offering new residents a little over $2,000 to move there in 2017.

The best deal yet has come from a walled, a medieval village in Abruzzo in the central south of Italy, Santo Stefano di Sessannio. They are willing to pay people willing to move to the village and start a business there. They will further support them by giving them very inexpensive rent.

Mayor Fabio Santavicca said that the village isn’t try to sell anything to anyone, they simply want the village to continue to live. The only catches are you have to be a resident of Italy and be under forty years old.

The village has only 115 residents, most are retired and fewer than 20 residents are under the age of 13.


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Venice to Initiate Day-Tourist Tax

Venice, Italy has achieved approval to begin charging an entry fee of up to about $11.50 USD for each short-stay tourist. The 2019 Italian budget clause will specifically will target day guests from cruise ships. Italy has precedent for a so-called “landing tax” as they already do this on their Aeolian Islands.

It has been the opinion of Venetians for years that mass tourism is an issue for city—with about a hundred cruise ships and about a million passengers a year coming into the city one can see why.

Luigi Brugnaro, Venice Mayor, believes the landing tax will create income needed to help the city maintain its beauty despite heavy tourism. The money would go to basics like keeping the city clean.

Local residents, workers and students will, of course, all be exempt from the tax. Officials say that cruise ship passengers are much easier to identify and that it may be difficult to tax tourists arriving by air or land.

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Best Hotel in the World?

Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India, may take top marks among the most elite hotels on Earth. Though it is one of the largest residences in the world—set among 26 acres of gardens—there are 64 hotel rooms and suites within the palace. They are run by Taj Group Hotels. The Art Deco palace was built between 1928 and 1943 for Maharaja Umaid Singh.
TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice named the Umaid Bhawan their top pick for world’s best hotel. Millions of reviews and opinions collected over a one-year period are used to create each Travelers’ Choice list.

The world’s top 10 hotels are all committed to service and quality, and they have five out of five bubble ratings on TripAdvisor, according to company spokeswoman Julie Cassetina.
The following are the top 10 hotels on the global list. All the properties are bookable on TripAdvisor.com.

1. Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur, Jodhpur, India

2. Shinta Mani Resort, Siem Reap, Cambodia

3. Bellevue Syrene, Sorrento, Italy

4. Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa, Hanoi, Vietnam

5. Achtis Hotel, Afitos, Greece

6. Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Great Milton, United Kingdom

7. Mirihi Island Resort, Mirihi, Maldives

8. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts Aruba, Palm – Eagle Beach, Aruba

9. Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa, Lance aux Epines, Grenada

10. Hotel Ritta Höppner, Gramado, Brazil

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The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

The Y-40 Deep Joy pool is now the primary attraction of the spa complex of the Hotel Millepini near Venice, Italy. The Guinness Book of World Records as confirmed Deep Joy as the deepest swimming pool in the world. Architect is Emanuele Boaretto is the proud father of Deep Joy.

Deep Joy isn’t a simple tourist attraction—it houses a shaft that plunges 138 feet deep. That is approximately a 13 story building! The pool is intended to attract serious scuba divers and freedivers who are incredible athletes whose mind boggling breath control allows them to spend minutes underwater at impressive depths for minutes at a time.

Deep Joy also features various caves at intermediate depths intended for technical underwater diving practice. The pool will also offer beginner scuba training and, obviously, expert level training. Additionally the pool will be available for photo shoots and film producers.

The pool requires 1.1 million gallons of water, which is supplied from a local thermal spring offering divers a unique experience to dive with out wet suits that would almost certainly be needed diving in oceans or lakes.

Deep Joy also features an observation tunnel—much like those in many aquariums—for spectators to view the dives.

The pool’s creators hope it will transform Montegrotto Terme into an international diving center and raise the profile of what is said to be Europe’s largest area of thermal springs.


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