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Hilton Announces Major Changes to its Loyalty Program

Hilton has announced sweeping changes to its loyalty program, letting members combine points with family and friends and use those points to shop at Amazon.com. The program will also get a rebrand. It will now be known as Hilton Honors vs. HHonors.

In fact, the entire company is getting a new identity and logo. Once known as Hilton Worldwide, it will just be Hilton from now on.
Hilton says the rebranding is evidence that the company has become more “simplified and streamlined.” The company recently spun-off its real estate and timeshare businesses. But the changes that affect consumers the most come in the form of a revamped loyalty program. The program has 60 million members.

The highlights of the new program are:
• Hilton will launch Shop with Points at Amazon.com this summer.
• Starting in April, Hilton Honors members will be able to combine their points with up to 10 friends or family members for free. That means that 11 members could pool their points for award nights for group trips.
• Beginning late February, members will be able to use a combination of points and money for an award night. The Hilton Honors Points & Money slider will let members decide how many points they want to use for a stay, and there will be no blackout dates.
• In March, those members who have reached elite Diamond status and cannot travel for an extended period of time for whatever reason will be able to receive a one-time, one-year extension of their status. Typically, they would lose their status if they don’t log any stays in a year.

Hilton has 14 brands and more than 4,800 properties around the world.