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Posted by Victor Crew on

Close Encounters of the Shark Kind

Scuba divers who where watching the body of a dead whale off the beaches of Oahu ended up having a close encounter with a giant great white shark. The incident incited officials to warn recreational divers and snorkelers to avoid the water in proximity to the deceased sperm whale as some tourists had climbed the whale to take its teeth as trophies.

The giant great white scared away the smaller tiger sharks that game in to have its fill of the whale carrion.

The incident was unusual as Hawaii waters are typically to warm for the great white, unlike the Pacific coasts of California where they can regularly be found hunting seals and sea lions. The diver estimated this great white to be more than 20 feet long and 8 feet across.

Divers think the giant great white may have been pregnant and came to Hawaii in search of extra nutrients.