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Posted by Victor Crew on

New Roller Coaster from Saudi Arabia Set to Break All Previous Thrill Records

There is now a roller coaster under development for an amusement park in the Middle East that, if it delivers on its promises, will annihilate all records for speed, track length and height.

It is called the Falcon’s Flight and will be the feature attraction for Six Flags Qiddiya which is slated to open in Saudi Arabia in 2023, just outside the capital Riyadh.

The Qiddya Investment Company—partners with the U.S. Six Flags—stated that the coaster will travel on 2.5 miles of track.

Thrill seekers will be able to experience a drop over a vertical cliff that rushes into a 525 feet deep valley. They are able to achieve this using magnetic motor acceleration. The ride will achieve speeds up to an impressive 155MPH.

The coaster boasts it will be the tallest free-standing roller coaster and will include a parabolic airtime hill in which passengers will experience weightlessness.

The coaster will have a 20 passenger limit and the ride will be about 3 minutes long. Riders will enjoy impressive views of Six Flags Qiddya as well as all the thrills.




Posted by Victor Crew on

JetBlue to Offer Sleepers on U.S. to London Flights on Their New A321neo.

In just a few months one of the largest beds in the sky will debut in the JetBlue A321neos which will fly from Boston and New York to London.

JetBlue is calling the offering a Mint Studio. Each will be at the front of its newest planes. The two mini rooms will include a comfy seat that turns into a bed, fully flat. Each Mint Studio mini room will also include a sofa that folds down—combined with the bed space from the chair makes the largest bed in the sky. All of this sits behind a privacy door. The 22 Mint Suites behind these two luxury offerings are same minus the sofa.

Many believe this will be the next wave of business class air travel.

If JetBlue stays true to its pricing philosophy this air suites will be within reach of many travelers and not just the well to do.

And it isn’t just the comfy furniture, but each suite comes with wireless charging and multiple power points. The spaces are designed to allow fliers to continue to use their digital devices while relaxing, eating or working.

Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

Here are a few tips for flying.

Jody‘s crew, out and about, has some first-hand tips for flying.

  1. If you wear heavy jewelry, put it in the bin at the security check point.
  2. Try to have the items you need to put in the bins ready at the top of your bag.
  3. Make sure you have more than 7 minutes between landing time and the connecting flight’s boarding time.
  4. Never refuse the snack. If you aren’t hungry, put them in your bag. You might need them if the connecting flight is too turbulent and they don’t come around.
  5. Don’t expect taxi fares from the airport to be based on mileage. You may have to pay a flat rate. (cha-ching!)
  6. Try not to get the seat next to lavatory. People don’t always close the door when they are done.
  7. Use as small a bag as you can. Some of the airlines have a metal corral that you can try to fit your bag in to check for size, but they seem to be shrinking.