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Posted by Victor Crew on

Congress Addresses Hidden Fees in Hotel Pricing

If you’ve booked a hotel recently you may have noticed the quoted price goes up when it is time to pay the bill. It isn’t just you, many travelers have been having this experience. These are commonly known as resort fees—though hotels call them anything, including: guest service fees; hotel fees; destination fees etc.

The fees often include things customers come to expect for free but these so-called bundles often include “free” WiFi, pool access and sometimes in destination cities things like a free drink or discounted breakfast.

A new bill to address this issue has been proposed in the House of Representatives. It would require by law that hotels and resorts more accurately display the real price of hotel rooms. How, specifically? They would need to include any mandatory fees before taxes in hotel room’s advertised price.

As one can imagine everyone from big name hotel brands to consumer representatives are weight in on the debate.

Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

When weather makes travel difficult

So all the headlines this week go like this:
Storm Pounds Coast
Feb 13 Worst Day for Air Travel
Weather woes leave many holiday travel plans up in the air
Airlines struggle back from worst travel day yet

So what do you do when your travel plans are cancelled? Thursday saw 6,533 flights cancelled. Recovery could be slow due to displaced crews as well. Most airlines waived change fees and relaxed rebooking rules for those who still had somewhere to go. It varies by airline. It could take up to a week to reschedule everyone. Some airlines may offer vouchers for use on a future flight.

~ Jody Victor

Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

Business Travel Expenses

Here are some business travel expenses you might not know you can write off according to Business Insider. They say you should keep accurate records as well.

Dry Cleaning: Sometimes trips last longer so the IRS says expenses for dry cleaning and laundry are tax-deductible as a business cost.

Calls and other communication: You may already keep track of calls but also keep track of faxes and Internet connection fees if you have them.

Convention travel: Workshops, conferences, and seminars if they have a direct business purpose.

Shipping work material: If you have to send ahead the products you are showing for potential buyers, like a trade show, you can deduct that cost.

Stenographer fees: If you have to hire a stenographer to transcribe legal docs you can write off associated fees.

Computer rental: If you need to rent a computer, you can write off the cost.

Business travel by RV: If traveling by RV can be proven necessary for business, any expenses are tax-decutible.

~ Jody Victor