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Europe’s First Underwater Museum

CNN Travel reported on the Europe’s first underwater museum Wednesday. Two years in the making, the museum is located in the deep waters off the shores of Spanish island Lanzarote. It is only accessible to snorkelers, divers and, of course, sea creatures.

The museum, named Museo Altlantico, features the sculptures of artist Jason deCaires Taylor. The 300 sculptures are submerged at depths between 12 and 15 meters on the sea floor of Coloradas Bay.

These sculptures will be more than just art, however. These sculptures are made from environmentally friendly concrete and are part of an artificial reef, which will serve as a breeding site for local aquatic wild life. The sculptures are meant to raise awareness about ocean-related environmental issues by portraying scenes from everyday life.

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The third top destination for 2013

Košice, Slovakia:

This city (pop. 250,000) is the second largest in Slovakia after the capital Bratislava. It is located on the eastern side on the Hornád river.

Košice has been chosen 2013’s European Capital of Culture (as well as Marseille, France). They are so excited over this that they planned at least 300 cultural events for this year alone. They started with an opening ceremony Jan 19-20 making it an event to enliven the city. Events will be spread across the city in major venues, on the streets, in restaurants and clubs. They will consist of music festivals, theater, art, and street performances. They have an official cocktail called Košice Gold, but don’t expect to learn the secret ingredients!

Jody Victor: maybe a trip to Slovakia?

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Jody Victor® finds out about Scotland, UK

Jody wanted to find out more about the hot destinations for 2013 so he started at the top of the list and checked out Scotland.

Weather and climate.

Scottish climate varies from one region to another.

The western Highlands are wet and windy because it so mountainous and winds come in from the Atlantic Ocean. The eastern side of the country have annual rainfall similar to New York.

Because of the high latitude, winter days are short and summer days are very long; there is no complete darkness in Scotland’s far north. Snowfall averages 15-20 days in Scotland while in the mountains, the average number of snowfall days is 100.

January and February are the coldest months. Daytime temperatures ranges 41° to 45° F. July and August are the warmest months with temperatures that average 66° F.

Scotland has several ski centers for snowboarding and skiing. Strong winds that come in from the Atlantic and North Sea make the Outer Hebrides and Sutherland great for windsurfers. During the summer, long daylight hours mean you can play golf at midnight. If you do happen to go when it rains, there is a range of galleries, museums, and other attractions you can see or do.