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Posted by Victor Crew on

10 Year-Old Climbs El Capitan

Selah Schneiter potentially just became the youngest person on record to climb Yosemite’s three thousand foot rock formation El Capitan. She reached the summit on June 12, 2019. Selah, her father and a friend had spent five days in Yosemite Valley.

To climb El Capitan they used a climbing technique called “jumaring”. They took a route known to be very steep. This route is often called “the Nose” and requires a high skill level to traverse.

Many climbers even consider the Nose to be the essential big-wall climb the world over.
Selah is from a family of hikers and outdoorsmen who have a special affinity for Yosemite’s trails and natural wonders. Mike, her father, is a climbing instructor and says that he fell in love with Selah’s mother while hiking with her in Yosemite years before.

Mr. Schneiter shared the story and photos through his company’s Instagram profile and in response received likes and positive comments in the hundreds all celebrating Selah’s amazing accomplishment.