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A Sea Queen Quits the Sea, but Not Her Career

After ten years stuck in Dubai the historic Queen Elizabeth 2 becomes a hotel. The QE2 is probably best known from when it set sail in 1969, a floating monument to Great Britain. Over its 40 years of traveling—with something like 1,400 voyages to its name—the ship saw the entire globe 25 times, played host to well over 2 million passengers. It sailed an incredible 6 million (nautical) miles.

10 years ago, the QE2 made port for the last time in Dubai, where recession-stalled plans to turn it into a floating hotel sunk. The city has spent $100 million trying to make the ship into a grand floating hotel. Finally, the dream is reality, the QE2 hotel will open with 224 rooms and suites. 13 restaurants (if you can believe it). Other amenities will include a movie theatre, bars and a museum of the ships history.

Forever docked at Mina Rashid, non-guest visitors will be welcome to dine at some of the restaurants and explore public parts of the ships, including the museum.

The QE2’s sister ship, the Queen Mary, is also a floating hotel and tourist attraction. It has been docked in Long Beach, California, since 1972.

Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

Five World Record, Five Star Luxury Complex

For some time Dubai has been known for its ostentatious luxury hotels and resorts. These days, building a resort in Dubai isn’t a simple matter of providing a 5-star experience. Now it seems one has to reach for a sixth star and break world records.

Meydan One, unveiled on Monday by Dubai-based Meydan Group, the new leisure, retail, residential and hotel complex promises to break five world records by the time construction is complete in 2020.

Record one and two will be for the world’s tallest residential tower and highest 360-degree observation deck which will come in at 711 meters. Record three for the highest restaurant, coming in at a planned 675 meters. Record four for the world’s largest dancing fountain, 420 meters tall.

Finally, record five—are you ready for this—longest indoor ski slope 1.2 kilometers long and 180 meters high. Remember, Dubai is in the desert! Summer temperatures can reach 113 F.

There will also be a water park, 100-berth marina and 300 meters of beach. But if water sports (or winter sports for that matter) aren’t you thing there will be a mall complex with over 600 stores. And if that doesn’t do it for you there is an 8K person capacity indoor sports arena coming in at 25,000 square meters.

The estimated cost of the Meydan One is estimated at 8.6 billion.