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Jody Victor: How Many Reasons Do You Need to Travel Off-Season? – Here Are Eight Good Ones

MSN Travel recently presented some great reasons to travel in the off season. While some are no-brainers we might need reminding of, others are not so obvious.

1. Lower destination costs. Lodging and attractions are often much less expensive during the off season.

2. No crowds. While the world offers all kinds of experiences for travelers, many of them will be far more enjoyable with fewer people around. Or if you just aren’t a fan of crowded spaces, traveling in the off season may be for you.

3. Lower travel costs. Plain tickets and even gasoline for your passenger vehicle may be less expensive during the off season.

4. Spontaneity. During high traffic times travelers mostly have to book months in advance. During the off season there is often last minute availability.

5. Traveling during the off season often allows travelers to experience cultural events that don’t take place during high traffic periods.

6. Interacting with locals. All of those folks who make their living from the tourism industry will have more time to interact with travelers during the slow parts of the year. Perhaps giving tourists a more authentic and personal travel experience.

7. Better photo ops. During the low tide of travel attractions will be less crowded allowing photographers better opportunities for that perfect shot.

8. The road less traveled. Some attractions will be closed on the off season, forcing travelers to look off the beaten path for experiences.

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The third top destination for 2013

Košice, Slovakia:

This city (pop. 250,000) is the second largest in Slovakia after the capital Bratislava. It is located on the eastern side on the Hornád river.

Košice has been chosen 2013’s European Capital of Culture (as well as Marseille, France). They are so excited over this that they planned at least 300 cultural events for this year alone. They started with an opening ceremony Jan 19-20 making it an event to enliven the city. Events will be spread across the city in major venues, on the streets, in restaurants and clubs. They will consist of music festivals, theater, art, and street performances. They have an official cocktail called Košice Gold, but don’t expect to learn the secret ingredients!

Jody Victor: maybe a trip to Slovakia?