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Tourists Stumble Across 2 Carat Diamond in Arkansas State Park

Crater of Diamonds State Park has attracted both amateur and professional treasure hunters alike for years. They come equipped with buckets, shovels, maps and perhaps most importantly kneepads. The Arkansas state park is the only diamond-producing site in the world where not only can fortune seekers dig for gemstones, they can keep what they find.

Lauren Frederick and her father Dan where one such duo of treasure hunters who got lucky – lucky to the tune of a triangle shaped diamond coming in at 2.03 carats. This was the father’s and daughter’s first visit to the park and after only an hour they saw the diamond just lying on the ground, shinning up at them.

The Fredrick’s find is, as you might except, is out of the usual. The park offers visitors just shy of 38 acres to explore. Finds like this are what make Crater of Diamonds State Park so unique.

Though there is no information yet on how much “Lucky Diamond,” the Fredrick’s nickname for their find, is worth, we can be sure it is worth more than the $16 the father and daughter spent getting into the park. And perhaps mostly important the Fredricks will have the memory of their uncanny find.