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Along with Nation’s Capital, Smithsonian Now Requiring All Patrons to Mask Up

World renowned research institute and museum system, The Smithsonian Institution, reversed its mask policy, requiring visitors as young as 2 to wear a face covering to enter their museums. The change comes amidst concerns over the fast-spreading Delta variant of the coronavirus.

The Smithsonian, considered to be the world’s largest museum, research and education complex with its 19 museums mostly concentrated in the United States capitol city, Washington DC stated that now all patrons will be required to wear a mask whether they are vaccinated or not.

This change reflects the mask requirements all over the capital city. The District of Columbia will now again require people to wear masks while indoors according to Mayor Muriel Bowser.

The requirement applies to all of those vaccinated or not and are two years or older.

Smithsonian visitors will be able to remove masks while drinking or eating in designated areas.




Posted by Victor Crew on

Holiday Travel Tips for the Pandemic

This year holiday season travel is going to be very different. Some will stay home instead of visiting far flung relatives. But for those choosing to travel here are some tips.

Expect the unexpected. While this is probably good advice for travel in general it is more important than ever to be ready for changes in your plans. Pandemic updates come daily. Expect shifting quarantine rules. Expect canceled or delayed flights.

Choose an airline who have flexible booking policies. Many airlines have adjusted their policies to allow no-fee ticket changes, but double check! Free changes could be limited in number. Certain types of tickets may not have special privileges. You may also owe the difference if you change to a more expensive flight. Again, check before booking!

Also, “free change” doesn’t mean you’ll get a refund if you cancel. Some airlines are offering vouchers for canceled flights but many are not going to simply hand you back your cash.

Don’t choose a high-risk itinerary. While normal holiday travel is rife with delayed and canceled flights, this year could be much worse. Try to leave earlier in the day before delays get a chance to build up. Try to get longer connection times between flights. Choose small airports for connections and if you can those with a lesser chance of crazy weather.

Choose itineraries with longer connection times.

Select smaller (and less crowded) connection airports and, if possible, those with less risk of severe winter weather.

Know the quarantine rules for your destination. If you need to get tested before you leave, make sure to get that done in plenty of time.

Lastly, if you want to fly trouble-free it is highly suggested you follow all safety protocols required by airlines including wearing a mask.