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Tips For Crime-Free Travel

Counterfeit Money
Typically, the best places for counterfeit gangs to get rid of counterfeit currency are tourist hotspots because tourists don’t recognize fake notes as one of the locals would. Taxi drivers are well known for giving counterfeit change.

Fake Items
Often tourists splash out on high value souvenirs. Use common sense. There are many fakes on the market. If something sounds too good to be true, it is! Try to find an objective second opinion if buying expensive items like artifacts or antiques.

Protect Your Valuables
When out in public keep expensive items as out of site as possible and on your person—thieves prefer expensive electronics like cameras, cell phones and other mobile devices that can be moved quickly for profit.

Often thieves will use a distraction technique like offering to use a device to snap a photo for you or placing a brochure or map over a cellphone sitting on a café table.

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