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Top 10 Friendliest Cities in the World

There are plenty of urban legends about the friendliness or rudeness of many popular travel destinations around the world. Like many myths, there is a probably a seed of truth to it planted somewhere in the shadows of history. However, for those of us who prefer somewhat more empirical evidence, travel magazine Conde Nast asked its readers in its 29th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards.
More than 100,000 readers responded to the travel magazine’s reader survey of favorite cities, hotels, resorts, islands, airlines, cruise lines, future travel destinations and, for the fourth year in a row, reader opinions of the world’s friendliest cities.

1. Charleston, South Carolina
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Dublin, Ireland
4. Queenstown, New Zealand
5. Park City, Utah
6. Galway, Ireland
7. Savannah, Georgia
8. Krakow, Poland
9. Bruges, Belgium
10. Nashville, Tennessee