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Posted by Victor Crew on

Elon Musk and Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel Team-Up to Get Travelers to and from O’hare and the Loop–at over 100MPH

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s City Hall and Elon’ Musk’s the Boring Co. have negotiated a plan to build tunnels between O’Hare International Airport and the Loop in which autonomous passenger trains—built by The Boring Co.—would take travelers back and forth between the two destinations at speeds exceeding 100mph.

Musk’s company was chosen by Emanuel’s administration for the project from among four competing companies to provide this quick transportation between Chicago’s downtown and the airport. While the two parties are still negotiating, Chicago is hoping to solve this transportation issue as the gridlocked roads and dated L trains are not an elegant or efficient solution for getting to and from the airport.

The Emanuel administration is counting on Musk’s Boring Company’s tunneling technology, which is yet unproven, over more conventional high-speed rail options. Those more traditional rail options had been the primary solution to the airport transportation issue until recently.

The Emanuel administration and Boring Co. officials haven’t set a project completion timeline as of yet—or its estimated cost. However, they stated that Boring intends to pay for the entire project. Which would include the construction of a new station at O’hare International Airport. Boring Co. would also finish construction on the Block 37 super-station begun under previous Mayor Richard M. Daley.