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Posted by Victor Crew on

The Biscoff Cookie is Back on United Airlines!

If you’d been panicking about the lack of the beloved Biscoff cookie in United Airline’s comp. food service, panic not for it shall return, according to a spokesperson for the airline.  They said the switch to Oreo Thins was temporary, they will continue to rotate treats and that the Biscoff will be back this May.

If you recall when the Biscoff cookie went away the internet freaked right out that their favorite free treat may never again be available on a UA flight. Is this proof that complaining online will change a company’s mind? We aren’t here to make that claim but many will be happy about the shortbread cookies triumphant return to in-flight food service carts.

For many the free in-flight snack is an essential part of their travel experience. For many a cookie and a soda can have a calming effect on us, as we know that sugar and fat excite the feel good chemicals in our brains. So after planning the trip, packing, getting to the airport, getting through security and finally being seated something as simple as a favorite cookie can have a strong mental effect on a traveler.


Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

Interesting Facts About a Famous In-Flight Snack: The Biscoff Cookie

Here is some information from the Jody Victor crew about those cookies you eat on your flight:

— The Biscoff cookie come from Belgium where they are known as Speculoos traditionally given to children for Sinterklass (St. Nicholas Day).
— In the contemporary United States they are typically associated with Delta Airlines, which brought the cookie on board some 30 years ago in 1986.
— Delta staff have been known to fashion birthday crowns out of the cookies for passengers.
— Biscoff popularity has flown to other other airlines such as: WestJet; Alaska Airlines; American Airlines and Sunwing.
— Biscoff may have reached immortal status when it became an emoji in an Apple sticker pack.
— Biscoff cookies are vegan friendly.
— There are cookbooks dedicated to recipes using Biscoff as a primary ingredient.