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Posted by Victor Crew on

Delta and Atlanta Airport Open “First Biometric Terminal” in the U.S.

Delta’s Terminal F at the Atlanta airport is the so-called first biometric terminal in the U.S. in which facial recognition technology is used throughout the process by passengers. The Delta hub in Detroit is supposedly next.

The biometric features have been developed slowly since October in Atlanta’s Terminal F. As of December 1st some international destination passengers will be able to use the biometric options for all portions of their journey. These features will also be available to international travelers on some of Delta’s partner airlines as well.

Basically where ever one had to interact with an employee in the past there are now automated options where passengers enter or scan in information and facial recognition technology “looks” at their faces to confirm the information.

As Delta has revealed the choice in Atlanta before the formal dispatch, the transporter said it has gotten positive input and that it’s accelerating the boarding up of its worldwide flights.
Delta intends to make its Detroit center the following of its terminals to get the “check to entryway” biometric alternative.