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Raden Smart Luggage

Overweight luggage fees – which can cost up to $100 – might be a thing of the past for travelers willing to invest in a new piece of Raden Smart Luggage. By simply lifting the luggage, the Raiden suitcase reports its own weight.

This just one of many utilities that’s built into a new smart luggage brand called Raden, which launches Tuesday. Raden charges your phone, gives you details about TSA wait lines, and alerts you via Bluetooth when your bag is coming down the carousel.

The bag is made out of durable Makrolon polycarbonate and weighs just 7.5 lbs. Inside is a removable compact battery with two ports that are accessible from the outside of the case. The battery averages about five full phone charges. It will even let you order an Uber.

They’ve also designed a sleek companion app to access all of Raden’s features from your cellphone.

Raden isn’t the first to launch a smart luggage startup: Competitor Bluesmart launched as an Indiegogo campaign in 2014 and shipped out 10,000 presold carry-ons in August 2015.

It has many of the same features as Raden, but only one model for now. Raden, on the other hand, comes in a 28″ check-in size and is available in seven colors. And it’s cheaper (Bluesmart’s bag costs $399).

Gimmick or genius? Only time and travelers will tell.

Posted by Jody Victor's Crew on

Hey fellow travelers, here is a list of apps for traveling

Besides the apps the airlines put out to aid you with your flights (schedules, eta, etd, etc.), there are some apps you might consider using (based on availabilty to your location).

HopStop: Recently acquired recently by Apple so only available in the Apple Store. Helps you get from point A to point B using the local public transit.
Citymapper: Similar to HopStop but only available for London and NYC.
MetrO: Covers 400 destinations around the world in a more basic way.
Walkit: Covers UK for walking.
Uber: At the click of a button you can have a car come for you. Works in various world cities and is cashless – charges your card directly.
Pingspot: You can pin your favorite shops and restaurants. You can also leave a photo.
Flying: Keep track of your flights. Interact with friends throughout your journey.
iStone: Translation app designed for travelers without linguistic skills for the country you are in. 12 languages.
Packing Pro: Customize your own list so you don’t forget what you need.
Postagram: Make a personalized postcard from a photo. Works with your phone, Facebook or Instagram photos.
Photosynth: Another photo app but this one lets you take 3D and 360-degree photos.
Splid: Photo and audio app. Splid allows you to take pictures but not edit them so people can’t accuse you of “Photoshopping” something.
Minube: E-Library with thousands of user-generated mini-guides. Covers 24,000 destinations in 200 countries (and counting.)

These are just a few of the many travel apps out there.

~ Jody Victor