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Eurostar Adding Service Between London and Amsterdam

Eurostar direct rail service for London and Amasterdam starts on April 4th. This is expected to cause a price war with airlines. Tickets for the daily runs, which start at £35, will be available in late February. The ride will run from St. Pancras station, London, and will get a rider to the Netherlands in about 3 hours.

More than 4 million passengers a year fly between London and Amsterdam, making it one of Europe’s busiest air routes as the Netherlands grows in popularity as a key business and tourism hub.

The cross-Channel rail operator is set to challenge established airlines on the route, including British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair. It will target potential converts by saying a London-Amsterdam Eurostar journey emits 80% less carbon than the equivalent flight.

This new route that crosses the the channel will make a bid against long established airlines taking passengers to the same destinations. The new cross-Channel rail operator is likely to attract green-minded travelers as its journey emits 80% less carbon than an air flight.

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Destination #6 for 2013: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is set to host a some celebrations to mark major anniversaries in 2013.

The 160th anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday will take place this Saturday, March 30. They will have special exhibitions and opening hours of the city’s Van Gogh Museum.

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra turns 125 years old in 2013. A concert, “125 Years of the Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra”, will be held on April 10, 2013.

More Amsterdam celebrations:

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