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Court Battle Between American Airlines and Veteran Ends

American Airlines has settled a 2016 lawsuit filed by an Army veteran who complained that the company had mistreated her because of her service dog.

Lisa McCombs of Mississippi claimed that airline employees stopped her and her service dog, for which she said she had the correct paperwork, from boarding a flight for two days in a row in Oct. 2015. Her service dog Jake is trained to help McCombs with her PTSD. McCombs said it was an “emotionally scaring” experience.

McCombs claimed that American Airlines had violated federal law that forbids air carriers from discriminating based on disability. But American Airlines argued that courts have ruled the law does not allow for McCombs to privately sue.

The two parties reached a settlement last mont. Their representatives declined to discuss the details, but would only say that both parties were satisfied.

Source: Time.com

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American Airline’s Holiday Pay “Oops”

American Airlines screwed up and failed to schedule pilots to fly on Christmas. They announced a solution, they’d pay pilots time and a half to volunteer to fly when they were given off, and they’d use their pilots who were on reserve to fly (but leave themselves no cushion) and that would get them pretty close to being able to operate their schedule over the holidays.

Their pilots’ union pushed back. And it was the pilots’ union that made this a big national story, getting leverage in the media letting the world know that American had a problem at a time when everyone was trying to travel for the holidays.

Yesterday American Airlines announced that they had worked things out with their pilots’ union and there would be no cancellations at Christmas as a result of failing to schedule people to fly.

Since pilots can truly bring down an airline while flight attendants don’t have nearly as much leverage, two years ago another crew scheduling error at Christmas had American get away with paying legacy US Airways flight attendants a much smaller premium. This isn’t the first time American has messed up crew scheduling over the holidays.

American Airlines gave employees unilateral raises. Now they’re paying pilots more to come to work. And since American Airlines will never lose money again and they’re currently at the bottom end of the $3 to $7 billion annual profit range they’re promising investors, they will need to make up the cost somewhere. You are somewhere. Basic economy and 737 MAXs but the pilots get paid.

Source: http://aviation.trendolizer.com/2017/12/american-will-pay-pilots-double-to-solve-their-christmas-fiasco—view-from-the-wing.html

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Jody Victor: Recent Changes to Major Airlines’ Scheduled Passenger Routes

USA Today reported the following changes to various airline’s available routes. Some of these changes being rather major may affect both business and leisure travel.

Fewer flights from Emirates
Emirates Airline is reducing its schedule to the United States. The Dubai airline says call for U.S. bound has drop-offed sharply due to the recent ban on electronic devices.

Denver becomes lucky 13 for Panama’s Copa Airlines
Copa Airlines will make Denver its newest U.S. destination, announcing plans for non-stop service to its Panama City base that it calls the “Hub of the Americas.”

Spirit is latest U.S. airline to quit Cuba
Spirit Airlines is just one in a recent string of airlines to “bail out” on scheduled passenger service to Cuba. The service will be thinned out until it is finally cut entirely on May 31st.

JetBlue adds a fourth route to Haiti
JetBlue plans to add non-stop service from its Orlando focus city to Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince. The service would begin in December, pending regulatory approval.

More American Airlines regional flights in Charlotte
American is bolstering its American Eagle regional network in Charlotte with new routes to small and midsize markets that will begin this summer.

Additional details available at USA Today.