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Posted by Victor Crew on

Keyhole Wasps A Problem For Brisbane Airport

Despite Australia’s advanced biosecurity controls a new, tiny immigrant insect is threatening the safety of planes at the Brisbane Airport.

The keyhole wasp is from Central and South America and also the Caribbean. The little wasp first caused issues at the airport in 2013. Wasps forced a Etihad Airways A330 headed for Singapore to come back to Brisbane just minutes into its flight.

Once grounded, maintenance workers found that the pilot’s pitot tube was blocked by mud. This is the tool they use to measure airspeed.

For the keyhole wasp this kind of cavity is a perfect place to build a nest. In the latter case the plane was only on the tarmac for a few hours and in that time the wasps completely blocked the instrument.

According to workers currently servicing planes on the tarmac in Brisbane, within in minutes of planes landing keyhole wasps are seen flying around the probes.

Experts warn that if something isn’t done, the keyhole wasps could easily spread to other Australian airports.

Posted by Victor Crew on

Passengers Notice Cameras in Airplanes


IFEs, in-flight entertainment systems, are a familiar sight to seasoned travelers. They are common on long flights. The seatback screens meant to entertain passengers while airborne. Many travelers have begun to notice something about the IFEs though—they are equipped with their own cameras which begs the question: are they watching us back?

Passengers on both American Airlines and Singapore Airlines notice the cameras and aired their concerns to the airlines.

Both airlines said no one was watching them. American Airlines stated that the cameras were standard on IFEs. Airlines may have chosen models like this for future use in passenger to passenger video chat. Singapore Airlines made similar statements.

No Airline currently manufactures their own IFE systems. While they are customizable, most physical attributes are decided by the manufacturer.